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Flame Red FatSak
FatSak Small / Flame Red
Volume: 600 litres. Diameter: 110cm. Height: 60cm.
Lining: VitaFoam.

Price: R 2899.00

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FatSak Small

FatSak Small is ideal for kids yet still big enough for full size Adults. if you are over 6 feet tall you might want to go a size bigger but at 110cm this is still a big beanbag so don't be fooled..
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Top-class Quality

FatSak's super soft outer shell is removable, machine washable at 40℃ and insured for a long-term comfort experience with over 30,000 rubs.

PLEASE note – the fabrics we use are susceptible to heat which means customers should not tumble dry on high heat, should not place FATSAK near to fire or artificial heat source such as gas heaters and not place FatSak on floor with under floor heating."

FatSak - So Much More Than Just a Beanbag

Not only does a FatSak look great, feel superb, sound inviting (sit on one and you'll see what we mean), it satisfies every taste. Whether you're into classic modern, boho chic or just pure comfort, FatSak peps up a room in a way that traditional furniture simply can't.

How? FatSak offers one-of-a-kind comfort and style.

Each FatSak is filled with luscious foam (not beans), which has a special spring-recovery memory that enables it to return to its original shape. The upshot? FatSak won't lose its shape or drop its stellar comfort ranking. It'll remain high on the style stakes, too. Covered in your choice of sumptuous fabrics - from denims, to furs to suede cords - that are gorgeous to touch, removable and (mostly) machine washable, your FatSak is guaranteed to look good for longer.

FatSak - so much more than just a beanbag.

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